Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse: Your Reboot That Does Work

Safe cleanses are possible, but it doesn’t mean you should buy expensive products and starve yourself. When considering a cold-pressed juice cleanse, it’s best not to only drink liquids during the period and ensure that you prepare your body and mind. Celebrities everywhere swear by them, and you’ve probably had a few friends that raved on and on about how great they were. Cleanses can be an excellent way to help you drop pounds and gain energy, but only if they’re done correctly.

Reboot For The Cleanse That Will Work

The problem is that there are thousands of fad diets that rarely work and could hurt your body and cause damage. There is a right and wrong way to use cold-pressed juice cleansing. The point of cleansing is to flush out toxins from the body, break your cravings and eating habits, lose weight, reduce inflammation and others.

Your cleanse should last at least seven days, though you can go for up to six weeks at a time if you do so correctly. However, the trick is to plan and prepare your body and mind first. You may want to start with three days and work your way up to six weeks.

Choose Your Date

The first step is to pick a time/date in the future when you’ll start. You’ll be able to get your juices from Karmic Cold Pressed Juice in plenty of time to start your cleanse.


The next step is to help your body wean itself off of the things you’ve become dependent on. For example, if you drink a lot of tea or coffee, you should start cutting back now, so you don’t get severe headaches. Likewise, you may want to clean out the pantry and remove unhealthy foods.

Also, remember that you shouldn’t only drink juice. While it’s delicious and healthy for you, your body still needs nutrients from foods, such as protein. Juicing for one meal or a few snacks is okay, but try to consume at least 1,200 calories each day.

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