Jersey Framing – Not Just A Fashion Statement

In the past, jerseys were designed for and use by professionals. The only way a regular fan could get one is if the athlete chose to give it to them or auctioned it off. However, the ownership of jerseys from a favourite player or team has become a fad that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. Everyone wants a little piece of their favourite player, whether it’s for moral support or to showcase. Therefore, jerseys aren’t just a fashion statement for athletes and their fans. They can be a way to show your support and love of the game, especially if you have it framed.

Identify With Your Team

Companies like Amarisco Framing & Mounting understand the need for identity. You want to show friends and neighbours that you support a particular team or member. While you’re likely to wear them to show others how you feel, you can also have a jersey framed to make it a permanent statement to your loyalty.

Many people choose to have the jersey signed by the athlete who wears it so that it can be prominently displayed on their wall at home or the office.

Make It An Heirloom

You can also consider jersey framing as an heirloom project. Many families choose one sport and team to root for all the time, whether or not they win. They’re die-hard fans and expect the team and their family to root for them all the time for many more years. Frame a special jersey and hand it down, generation to generation.

Remember A Loved One

Jersey framing isn’t just for professional sports. You can have your son’s school basketball jersey framed when he’s finished, so it’s a permanent reminder to you and him of what he has accomplished throughout his youth.

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