Who Benefits From Orthotics In Camberwell?

Many people suffer pain in their feet, and all roads lead them to a podiatrist in Camberwell. From there, the specialist will determine what is wrong with your feet and what treatments are best.

In many cases, orthotics are called for because they can keep your foot in proper alignment. They can be customised to fit your feet, as well, ensuring that they do their job without causing more problems (such as more foot pain). Most people wonder if they would qualify or what an orthotic can treat. If you suffer from debilitating foot pain, you could find that they can help you walk and do normal activities.

Orthotics in Camberwell can also help those who suffer from knee and back pain. You may not realise it, but your knees take a lot of the force when walking, as do your feet. If your feet aren’t properly aligned or flatten out as you walk, it puts added stress on the knees and back, which can lead to debilitating pain over time, as well. You may also find that an orthotic insert can also benefit you if you have arthritis or diabetes. Arthritis can be crippling and affects your joints. If it hits in the foot or knees, it could cause severe pain, making it hard to walk.

At Adept Podiatry, they offer a variety of treatments but always focus on you and your needs. After a comprehensive exam and diagnosis, they will treat you for your symptoms and hopefully help you achieve a better quality of life than you currently have. While they primarily focus on the feet and ankles, they can also help some people with back pain, hip pain, and leg pain, especially if it is caused by improper foot alignment. Orthotics in Camberwell could have you up and walking/running in no time.

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