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The Advantages Of Custom Frames

Loose artwork and pictures are considered the norm for many Australian homes, but it isn’t the best option. While you may have a particular shoebox that you use to store everything in or may plan to put them all in scrapbooks, you need to preserve the photos now so...

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Going to the Frame Shop: Process

Going to a frame shop may seem like a chore, especially if you’ve got a lot of photos or drawings that you want to have framed. However, the point is that you’ve got something special and want it handled and taken care of correctly. To do that, you need professional...

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The Advantages Of Canvas Framing

Many people prefer to buy canvases and create artwork or buy artwork done on canvases, but what happens when you want to preserve it and keep it looking like new? In most cases, canvas framing is required because it will add another layer of protection from dust,...

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