Disability Services Are Working to Build a Better Community

Are you a disabled individual who finds it difficult to go about daily duties? Perhaps you have a friend or relative who struggles with a disability that puts a halt to their everyday activities? Whatever the situation might be, a professional who provides disability services can make a difference. Someone who has trained in college or university to obtain the necessary qualifications for this type of work will understand how to work with patients individually or as a group. For many disabled people, the feeling of isolation and loneliness can leave them feeling depressed, which is why community building is the main focus for a lot of experts in the industry. Here’s how a better community can be built with assistance from a social worker with relevant qualifications and experience.

Event Planning and Coordination

The more involved a disabled person is in the events that are commencing around their community, the faster their confidence will grow and the sooner they will build social skills. Event planning is one of the disability services provided by a social worker and it relieves the disabled individual of the hassle associated with finding events, organising transport, finding someone to attend the event with them, etc. Coordination skills will be taught at this time, so that in future, the disabled individual can find (or even organise) an event with no quandaries.

Home Support

One of the most popular forms of disability services offered by social workers is home support. For disabled people who are not completely mobile, home support will be essential. The carer will use their own form of transportation (if not the company’s vehicle) to travel to the person’s residence. Once there, support will be provided in many forms, such as cooking, cleaning and basic house duties. The carer might also recommend adapting the environment to suit the needs of the person they are caring for, such as by getting a stair lift fitted for someone with mobility issues

Career Advice

Let’s face it – a lot of us don’t know what we want to be when we are in school, let alone when we finish school. Enrolling in the wrong course that does not satisfy a person’s needs is not ideal and could not only waste time but also, money. A carer that provides disability services will advise each patient about their career options, based on their experience and qualifications. They can also assist with arranging interviews and even attending interviews with their patients.

Disability services are available from the experienced team of social workers at CPL. Call 1800 275 753 to learn more about the company.

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