Fire Fighting Pumps: How To Buy

Whether you’re preparing for the dry season in Australia or just worry that flames will spring up and emergency services won’t arrive in time, fire fighting pumps can be highly beneficial. They can help you defend your home or commercial property from fires, but they can do so much more.

While they are designed to have everything you need, they can be used to hose down machinery and other equipment. They can be used for just about anything that requires pressurised water, but you need to consider what features you need for an all-around pump that suits almost every need.

When focused on buying fire fighting pumps, you should consider the maximum head, pressure and flow rate. You are likely to need at least 100PSI to fight fires and may need even more. You’ll also have to consider how much water will need to be moved and how far it has to go. You’re likely to need between 200 and 1000 litres per minute, which can be a large range. Therefore, you’ll also need to consider the maximum head, which means the highest point that the pump can reach. With all of these aspects, you’ll be able to determine where you should be to fight the fires efficiently and quickly.

At Tank Management Services, they’ve been in business since 1993, helping a variety of industries and homeowners hold water, spray it, and more. They’re owned by Australians, which means they know what Australia elements can do and prepare for it. All of their products are designed for the harsh elements. Along with such, they are a dealer for Rapid Spray products, which means they have one of the most popular brands available. Fire fighting pumps are an excellent addition to your home or business for many reasons.

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