Home Automation Systems – Simplifying Technology

If you’re like many people, you want simplified technology that still allows you to automate everything around you. Gone are the days where you needed to do everything manually, such as parking the car, changing the temperature, and turning off the lights. It seems that nearly everything is tech-savvy nowadays, and home automation systems from Instinct are becoming ever popular. From the moment you wake, you can be automated. You can turn on the coffee maker and have it start to brew, select the right temperature for comfort, choose the best lighting, and regulate doors or gates.

The Home As A Gadget

It may not be surprising that many people think of their home, just like their mobile, as a device to help them control and manage their lives. You can remotely control the entry, exit, and everything in between. Technology is helping you from a variety of points, including refrigerators, washing machines, and much more.


Gone are the days when you had to worry about maintenance and cleanliness. Many refrigerators are coming with simple technology that lets them care for themselves. If someone spills something that isn’t cleaned up promptly, the machine can alert you to the problem. It can also tell you if you’re running low on certain foods, making it easier to shop for groceries.

Washing Machine

Specialty washing machines make it easier and fun to do laundry. Put your clothes in and it will wash them according to the soil level and fabric, ensuring that you get a quality clean each time.


Home automation systems wouldn’t be complete without a way to control the HVAC system and lights. If you forget and leave the light on in the kitchen, you can turn it off anywhere in the home (or outside it). Likewise, you can change the temperature to be more comfortable.

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