How pest control protects your family and home

There are numerous household pests; they can range from moths that attack your wardrobe, filthy cockroaches, mice and rats as well as destructive termites. Sharing space with these pests can be dangerous to the health of those living in the home as well as the property itself. A very important part of responsible home ownership is regular pest inspections and management.

If you’re considering purchasing a home:

Even if you are considering purchasing a brand new home, one that has never been lived in, hiring a professional pest control expert is a precaution that any wise buyer will take. If the building is infested this is the time to find out about it, not after you have paid over good money. It is not that pests cannot be eliminated but some can be so destructive that the home may be structurally compromised. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase you will know well in advance what potential problems you have and how best to deal with them. Many pest control companies today are outfitted with sophisticated technology such as thermal inspection devices.

Termites are a major problem:

Insects often are more bothersome to the homes occupants, termites on the other hand are extremely destructive and can quickly impact the integrity of your home. There are hundreds of different species of these destructive pests of which a goodly percentage attack wood. If, during an inspection, termites are found never try to rid the home of these pests without arranging for professional intervention, if you don’t know exactly how to deal with termites you can easily make the problem worse. It is highly recommended to homeowners that they should arrange for annual inspections for termites.

What can the homeowner do?

Professional pest control is definitely something that is needed if the problem is out of control, which, unfortunately can happen quickly. There is very little in the way of eradication that a homeowner can deal with, the best thing any homeowner can do is to make his or her home as unattractive as possible to pests.

Make sure that the counters, shelves and cupboards in the kitchen are kept clean and free of food scraps. One effective way to keep pests at bay is to ensure they have no food supply.

Cockroaches in particular love dark, damp places to hide. If you have a leaking faucet, repair it. If you have areas of grout that are missing, replace it. Find and seal any small cracks and crevices where insects can find shelter or find entry into your home.

You must take control of your home, do not reduce the value or put the health of your family at risk by ignoring the threats that pests bring them; nothing beats regular inspection and extermination.

There is no doubt that effective pest control protects your family and home. To arrange for annual inspections and regular extermination you are invited to contact Pink Pest Services.

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