How to Choose the Right Shower Screens For Your Bathroom

There are a few things that really ‘make’ the bathroom, such as the colours you choose, the theme (such as modern or traditional), the layout and of course, the shower cubicle. Even if you don’t have an individual shower cubicle and simply use the bathtub as a two-in-one convenience, it’s possible to give it that luxury look by getting shower screens fitted by the team at All Quality Splashbacks. Crafted with glass, a shower screen can transform a dull space into a sophisticated one, so take the following buying advice on board ahead of purchasing your preferred screen from a supplier of home and bathroom enhancements.

Framed or Frameless?

If you are in the process of building or renovating, a framed shower screen would be a good investment. Economical, low-maintenance and stylish, they are a versatile option and will make a room ‘pop’. The bathroom’s aesthetic appeal can be boosted with framed screens, as well as frameless screens. Perhaps more attractive, frameless screens can accentuate other bathroom features and are a more hygienic choice, because bacteria won’t get trapped in the frame.

Plain or Patterned?

Are you bothered about privacy? If so, patterned or frosted glass shower screens would be the best choice, because it will be difficult for anyone else in the bathroom to see inside the shower cubicle when you are having a wash! Plain shower screens, on the other hand, are as temporary as it gets. This would be a better choice in a residential property, rather than in a hotel or guesthouse.

Small or Big?

The size of the shower screens you choose will depend on how big the bathroom is. If you’re planning on creating a bath and shower combo, a large foldaway screen would be ideal. Standard and custom designs are available and if you take your operating requirements into account, selecting a size will be easy.

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