Keeping Your Home Safe with Security Screen Door

Nobody should have to feel unsafe in their own home, but a lot of people will, simply because the home is not designed in the safest way. A security screen door is a good option for homeowners with fears that there may be trespassers on the property grounds. They are also ideal for parents or pet owners who may want to leave the door open in summer without the worry that their toddler or four-legged friend is behaving mischievously. Crooks may also consider an open door as an invitation to walk inside and potentially steal from the property owner. Deterring insects is another way in which these doors will make a difference. To enhance safety as much as possible, take the following buying considerations into account.

The Frames

A frame can not only give a security screen door a stylistic touch but also, it will strengthen the door and prevent those dreaded leaks, whether they are air or water leaks. The frame should meet certain safety standards and some recommended materials to ask about when you are shopping around include aluminium and steel. Metals of this kind won’t corrode or rust easily. What’s more, the frame will not be easy to pop out by intruders.

The Locks and Hinges

Security can be heightened further when you fix locks and hinges to the security screen door. Make sure the lock has five pins or more, because locks with fewer pins than this tend to be a lot easier for those experienced lock pickers to open! Wrenches can be used to open doors that are fitted with poor locks, so bear this in mind. When it comes to selecting hinges, opt for one that covers the entire length of the door frame. The hinges must be welded properly to remain strong, so focus on company reputation before finding someone to use fixed hinge pins and other tools for the job.

The Infill

New types of infill are being introduced to the market all of the time, with the latest being structural grade aluminium perforated sheets. These sheets, when applied to a security screen door, will be just as reliable as stainless steel mesh. Mesh is another popular choice, as are aluminium grilles. Lightweight, aluminium might not weigh a lot but it will certainly do its job for preventing intruders. In fact, if you ask nicely, the manufacturer may be able to create heavy-duty security doors with aluminium screens. These doors look and feel much more secure, making them a good investment.

A security screen door installed by Geelong Security Doors & Shower Screens could keep your home safe.

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