Key factors to consider before hiring a crane

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Business

Mobile cranes are one of the most versatile pieces of construction equipment, they can be hired in different capacities and they can be used on almost any project or jobsite. The design of a typical mobile crane is such that they can be driven to the site and requires a minimum of set-up upon arrival. Mobile cranes are used whenever it is necessary to transport a load over a relatively short distance. Mobile cranes are available in many sizes and configurations and there are a number of key factors to consider before hiring a crane.

Load weight:

This requirement is extremely important. There are cranes available in many capacities; they range from relatively light loads to extremely heavy loads. It is important that you know the conditions as the weight of the load and the angle of the boom is critical in calculating the crane capacity. Although the load may weigh 20 tons for example, if the boom angle is considerable the 20 ton load might need a 50 ton crane to lift it safely.


The “lay of the land” where the crane will operate is also an important factor. Mobile cranes are best employed in areas where they can manoeuvre easily. If the site is solid, a rubber tyred, truck mounted type crane is ideal, if however the soil is soft a crane mounted on crawler treads is the better option. An extremely versatile crane that is often recommended by Tooley’s Crane Hire is a rough terrain model; they are useful in all different types of terrain and soil density.

Height clearance:

Another of the key factors to consider before hiring a crane is the height. The height must not be such that it comes into contact with obstructions such as power lines or adjacent structures.

When you are hiring a crane it is always best to hire it along with a skilled operator and always check that the load being lifted is covered under an insurance policy in the event of damage during the lift.

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