Learn How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Dental Care

In most cases, your child’s initial dental visit is a well check-up. They may not even have any teeth yet, or may just have one or two that have started to pop up. Likewise, they would prefer not to wait until your child has a problem before you see them, so it is vital that you start searching for a dentist like Artarmon Dentists before your baby cuts their first tooth. Children can be scared of new places, so it is essential that they feel comfortable and prepared for theirs.

Let Them Come With You

Before their first visit to the dentist, allow them to go with you to your appointment, especially if you’ll both use the same professional. They’ll be able to see the waiting room and exam rooms, allowing them to feel comfortable before their turn. Likewise, they can meet the dentist and dental hygienist, which can help them feel more confident.

Avoid Pre-emptive Fear

It is easy for adults to forget that children hear and mimic everything. If you talk negatively about your dentist or express concern yourself, your child may also do so. However, if they’ve never been to the dentist before, they aren’t going to have any fears, though they may be worried about the new place they’re visiting.

Don’t Threaten

Some parents incorrectly threaten their children with the dentist. They may say that if the child eats a lot of candy, they’ll need to have their teeth drilled or threaten to have the dentist pull all their teeth out. These can instil fear into children and make them less likely to want to go to their dentist.

Manage Negativity From Others

If you have older children, try to keep them from being negative about dentists before the first visit, as well.

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