PhiBrows in Sydney: Revolutionising The Eyebrows

PhiBrows in Sydney is sometimes called microblading. It’s a semi-permanent technique for drawing and shaping the eyebrows. Typically, a hand-held tool is used to make tiny cuts into the skin so that pigment can be inserted. The finished results are natural, and you can retouch and customise your treatment. You can find a variety of procedures to ‘tattoo’ the eyebrows, but PhiBrows offers a unique methodology. It focuses on shape symmetry, the golden ratio, and utilising exclusive products and tools.

Most people have never heard of the golden ratio. It’s designed to mark and calculate facial symmetry so that all of the facial proportions are brought together. While everyone has a different face, proportional rules still apply and remain constant. Of course, PhiBrows in Sydney takes this a step further, focusing on skin and face anatomy, as well as colour theory. That way, the eyebrows can look natural and almost real. When you can calculate the angles based on natural symmetry of the face, you can draw eyebrows on anyone. Whether you’ve plucked too much or had a hair-loss condition, it’s possible to get brows that are aligned for your face.

Crystal Vongphrachanh, a Master Trainer for PhiBrows in Sydney, offers a variety of services. Of course, you can get the treatment yourself, but you can also learn how to do the procedure. It’s a two-day workshop at the Bella Vista Academy with a six-month online course included. The training is designed for experienced and beginner technicians. If you’re more interested in having the procedure done, you can work with Crystal herself to achieve the desired look. You should learn more about the treatment. Visit Here, you can read more about her, book a service, or enroll in the training courses available. You’ve got a variety of options to meet your needs.

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