Spill Trays – The Ultimate Solution For Containing Small Spills

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Business

Small spills may not seem worrisome, but if the liquid is fuel, oil or chemical in nature, you should have spill trays available to catch smaller spills. These options can be a simple, yet effective solution that you need. Spills at the factory can be dangerous, especially when they’re not dealt with properly. Even a small one could cause people to slip and fall, so it’s important to keep them contained.

Just One Of Many Scenarios

If your employees regularly work with small amounts of chemicals, you should ensure that there is no way those chemicals could be mixed or damage the floor. They could be creating customised solutions or working on experiments, but in either case, they shouldn’t let the chemicals leave the work area. Spill containment trays are perfect in this situation because they can be used on a desk or table and can also be the work surface when necessary. You can place the chemicals or other liquids on the tray, and if they tip over, they won’t go anywhere else.


Some people worry that a spill tray won’t be enough to handle their liquids. However, these trays can hold up to five gallons of liquid, depending on the options you choose. You won’t have overflow problems if you have more than a small amount of fluid, or if all the liquids get mixed first and are then spilled. However, you probably won’t use even half that capacity unless you’re working on a larger project.

EcoSpill offers the ability to customise the measurements, or choose from a wide variety of sizes they already make.


The tray can be lightweight and portable, as well as foldable for easy storage. They can be easier to clean than other options and provides excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals.

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