The Advantages of Absorbent Mats

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

Usually called Sorbents, absorbent mats can be the easiest and fastest way to clean up a liquid spillage in the workplace. These mats are also called pads, and they are super absorbent and less messy to use than powders. In some cases, you may need both options to clean up a large spill, but most smaller spills can be soaked up with the mat alone. The mats should be sonically bonded, which reduces lint build up and adds strength, ensuring the best absorbency power possible. You place the mat over the spilled liquid, and it is then drawn into the mat’s centre. It’s an easy-to-use method, and you can watch as the liquid is soaked into the mat.

Absorbent mats come in a variety of styles and sizes. You should choose the mat that is most appropriate to the liquid you need to clean up. For example, all-purpose mats are suitable for many things. If you work primarily with hydrocarbons or Hazchem products, it is best to choose the mat that corresponds to those products. You can also find rolls that are larger and can be rolled out over larger spills. That way, you can cover more ground fast and reduce waste and damages to other parts of the facility.

EcoSpill has a variety of absorbent mats in their sorbent section of the website. The hydrocarbon ones are suitable for oil and fuel spills, both on water and land. They don’t absorb the water and float for as long as you need them. They also don’t mildew, making them suitable for any size spillage. Hazchem mats are ideal for chemical spills but are only designed to be used for land clean ups. The company also offers drum-top mats, track mats, and general purpose mats, ensuring that you can find the most suitable mat and absorbency for your needs.

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