Tips For Selecting A Sydney Dance Floor Hire Service

Adding a dance floor to an outdoor venue is a wonderful way to encourage guests of all ages to enjoy the event. By using a local Sydney company for your dance floor hire needs, you can select the timber floor size, shape, and colour to perfectly match the theme and décor selected for the event.

Timber Floor Size

Dance Floor Hire Sydney – The size of your dance floor will depend on the number of guests. Working with the dance floor hire service is the easiest way to select the size of the dance floor based on the marquee, attendance, and the number of tables and chairs set up within the space
A very popular option in the Sydney area is to move the dance floor outside of the marquee. This eliminates the need to move or remove tables and chairs after the meal or ceremony.

Colour Considerations

For both indoor and outdoor dance floors, natural wood colours create the look of traditional hardwood floors. This is a perfect combination for both casual and formal events.

A unique look is a black and white floor. More modern in design and style, it is a wonderful combination with white or black linens and tableware. It is a very popular option for weddings and parties.

Services Offered

The ideal dance floor hire service works closely with customers to provide not just the floor but all the hire equipment and catering services needed. These companies provide event planning support, ensuring your party is just as you imagined.

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