Tyre Sizes and Ultra High Performance – BFGoodrich All Terrain

Do you find yourself changing the tyres on your vehicle more often than you’d like? If so, all terrain tyres might be a good investment. BF Goodrich all terrain tyres are a well-known brand and these car parts are available in varying sizes. This American tyre brand designs each and every product to provide motorists with a higher level of control when on the roads. Owned by Michelin, the company is constantly updating its inventory. Performance depends entirely on the tyre size you select, as well as what company you buy them from. Let’s find out more about these vehicle parts and how they will benefit you in the long-run.

The Size of the Tyre

There is no point going to a vehicle parts supplier and asking for BFGoodrich all terrain tyres if you are uncertain about the size of the wheels on your vehicle. Tyres of the wrong size may rub against the arches on your vehicle and will most certainly affect the suspension, as well as the handling of the motor. Think about what load the vehicle will carry on a regular basis too and be sure to take letters into account. For example, ‘ST’ means that the tyre is capable of pulling special trailers and ‘T’ means that the tyre is suitable as a temporary spare.

The Rim Type

What does the rim type have to do with choosing high performance BFGoodrich all terrain tyres, you ask? Well, quite a lot actually. Some tyres may not fit on certain rims properly and therefore you will need to ascertain exactly what rim type matches the tyres. Traction, grip and longevity are three things that can be improved when you shop for all terrain tyres based on rim type, as well as fuel efficiency. The less friction the tyres and the rim create, the less fuel your vehicle will drink.

The Ride Quality

How bothered are you about the ride quality? If you only use your vehicle for short journeys, this might not be all that important to you. However, if you’re a keen road tripper or commute to work throughout the week, ride quality is sure to be something you will think about. BF Goodrich all terrain tyres will not expose the wheel or rim to damage like normal tyres might. Furthermore, the harshness of the ride will be reduced by great means once a qualified mechanic fits these tyres for you.

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