Wisdom teeth Removal in North Sydney

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in. They usually cut through the gum between the middle teens and early 20s. This age bracket is thought to be when people mature, hence the term “wisdom.”

Properly positioned wisdom teeth are an asset. However, in many cases, these teeth remain trapped below the gumline, or embedded in your jawbone. If this condition is allowed to remain, the wisdom teeth eventually begin to push against the teeth in front of them. Even if the teeth partially erupt, they often tilt at an angle, causing damage to adjacent teeth. In many cases, wisdom teeth removal in North Sydney is the only solution.

Although many wisdom teeth must be extracted, this is not the case with all people. If the tooth erupts cleanly through the gum and does not interfere with an adjacent tooth, it can be left in place. Even if the eruption of wisdom teeth causes pain, a dentist can often alleviate the problem with minor tissue modifications.

When there is swollen tissue around the tooth, the pain is often the result of biting down on it. This small flap of tissue can be removed, remedying the problem. Increasing the frequency of flossing around the tooth keeps the gum tissue healthy and helps to avoid infection in the area. There are situations, however, where the only option is wisdom teeth removal in North Sydney.

Wisdom teeth can be removed safely and with little pain by the dentists at Toothsome. They are skilled in removing impacted wisdom teeth and can fix the issue quickly, and have you on your way. If the tooth is embedded in the jawbone, or set at a difficult angle, the dentist will suggest “twilight” sedation, allowing pain-free extraction.

Wisdom teeth removal in North Sydney by the experts at Toothsome can ensure that you do not suffer unduly from a variety of issues caused by wisdom teeth. Contact them today.

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