All You Must Know About Yacht Share

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Business

For those that love boats and being on the water, you’ve got a few choices. You could rent one every time you needed to use one, but that could become expensive. Likewise, you could purchase one, hire a crew, and maintain it as necessary, which is the most expensive. However, another alternative is to consider yacht share, which allows you the luxury to use the boat and own a part of it, along with others.


The first type of yacht share allows you to own a share of the vessel and use it for a particular number of days. In most cases, you can choose the days you use it, as long as no one else has requested those days. The other option is to use-to-pay, which means you pay a particular amount of money based on the number of days you use. With use-to-pay options, you do not own the boat.

After three years, or whenever the syndicate is up, the boat is sold, and the profits are distributed to all the owners. However, with the use-to-pay version, you don’t get any money back.


Yacht share offers a variety of advantages. For one thing, you won’t have to buy a boat, which can be costly. Likewise, the management company will handle all the maintenance, cleaning and servicing required. They will also provide crew members (or have them available at an additional cost, in some cases).

You also have all the same financial benefits of ownership, such as selling your share and getting some of the profit.

Likewise, you can use the boat anytime, as long as you don’t go over your proportioned amount of days and request it in advance as per your agreement. Luxury Boat Syndicate offers a fair contract to anyone who wants a yacht without all the additional costs.

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