Cam and Groove Fittings: Common Uses

Cam and groove fittings are also called camlock couplings, camlock fittings, and more. However, they all mean the same thing and they’re increasingly popular in many industrial settings. While nothing much has changed with the camlock coupling, it’s still an innovative tool that provides reliability and simplicity to allow you to connect or disconnect hoses without having to use multiple tools.

While they’re amazingly simple to use, they’re highly versatile and can be used for many purposes and in different settings.

They’re also heavy duty, which means they can be used in industrial, military, agricultural, or homebrew environments. Their most common use is in industrial locations where hoses are always needed and usually require large diameters.


Cam and groove fittings are suitable for both dry and fluid transfer. You can use them to transfer water, food, sand, fuel, or almost anything else you require. Because so many substances can flow through camlocks, it’s also essential that you choose the right one for the application. You can find a variety of materials suitable for certain applications, including:

  • Aluminium: These are best for oil/water mixtures or fresh water.
  • Stainless Steel: These are excellent for a variety of corrosive, acidic, or alkali substances.
  • Brass: This material works well for salt-water transfers, though they cannot be used in alkali or acidic environments.
  • Polypropylene/Nylon: These can be used around many chemicals, or to help with irrigation for the agricultural industry.

While camlocks are highly versatile, there are some substances you should never use with any material or camlock coupling, such as steam.


You’ll notice a variety of sizes and styles available. You should also be aware that you should have a male adapter and a female coupler. Sometimes, you can find couplers with shanks or female threads, and can also find separate adapters, as well.

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