Dental Implants: A Modern Solution

Dental implants use durable titanium posts that are inserted into your jaw bone, in the form of a small screw. Once it is in place and has healed (fused into the jaw), an abutment is added (which screws into the screw). This is the part of the “tooth” that sticks up out of the gum, allowing the cap or crown to be put on top. You can get one for a single missing tooth or even have your whole mouth full of implants if you’ve lost them all and don’t want to consider dentures.

Many dentists and periodontists now recommend dental implants above other tooth-replacement procedures because they can help prevent bone loss. Plus, an implant is designed to look like your natural tooth once the procedure is complete. They also function and feel like regular teeth, ensuring that you can eat whatever you like and no one will notice the difference. Along with such, they are more durable than other options, and you won’t need to keep getting remakes as you would for dentures. Plus, the surrounding teeth are not changed as with a bridge where the other teeth have to be ground and filed.

At National Periodontics, they understand your desire to have a full set of teeth once more. They know it can be embarrassing to smile when there are large gaps, and they don’t want you to suffer anymore. While they do require a referral from your general dentist, you can easily get that. While your dentist may offer such services, it is best to go with a professional who has years of experience. This company does implants for a living, as well as cleaning, preventative care, and periodontics. Dental implants are the perfect solution if you’ve lost one or more teeth and don’t want dentures.

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