Fairfield Massage: The Many Advantages

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Massage Therapist

When most people think of massages, they think of scented oils/lotions, calming music, and having an all-over relaxation session. While this is comforting and enjoyable, Fairfield massage options can also include remedial massages. Usually, the therapist you work with determines where treatment is needed and what’s causing the pain. Tests may be used to see which muscles are bothersome, and a plan of action is created to meet those needs. Many times, deep-tissue work is performed. Though you can get massages for any reason, conditions like a stiff neck, carpal tunnel, or sciatica may require remedial massage techniques.

A Fairfield massage is also going to help reduce stress. When the body is allowed to relax, and the pain goes away, you can mentally and physically relax. This is proven to reduce stress levels, which also reduces the stress-inducing hormones. If that weren’t enough, any muscle tension you have is released. These trigger points can cause significant pain, especially in the back and neck. However, when you elongate and stretch the muscles, the tension is also relieved. Blood flow is increased to the tissues and all over your body. As such, this can also oxygenate the cells and eliminate toxins. Therefore, you feel better.

Paramount Physical Therapy offers a variety of services. A Fairfield massage is an excellent option if you have tight, sore, stiff, injured, or stressed muscles. Such treatment can help with a variety of conditions. These include arthritis, whiplash, neck and jaw pain, tension headaches, and muscle strains, to name a few. This company offers many massage styles, including deep-tissue, Swedish, and sports massages. If you’re not sure what you need, you can talk to the therapist and use their advice. Sometimes, it might be best to utilize multiple options, as well. Visit to learn more or to book your appointment online.

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