Marquee Weights: Choosing The Right Ones

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Business

If you’re hosting an event and want it to be outside, or at least part of it to be outdoors, a marquee is one of the best options. It affords some safety from rain and sun, but they can also help cool guests off and provide them a shady place to sit and relax. Pegging marquees into the ground is always the best and most traditional ways to set them up, but many venues and homeowners don’t want holes in the ground. Likewise, it can be nearly impossible to place ground stakes in concrete, making marquee weights and excellent alternative.

What They Are

Marquee weights are weighted objects that are placed on the leg of the marquee where it sits on the ground. They keep the poles in place without having to change the ground, making it perfect for venues and concrete areas.

How To Choose

The first step is to determine the size of your structure and the surface area it will cover. Likewise, you should have a rough idea of how long the event will be and determine what the weather conditions will be, as well. Likewise, it may be helpful to learn how windy the area will be on the day to help with preparation.

While there are a variety of marquee weights available, most people prefer concrete ones because they are more consistent and safer for securing your structure, regardless of the weather and size of the marquee.

Harts Party Hire offers a wide variety of pop-up marquees and the weights necessary to hold them in place. It’s usually best to choose a hire company for these needs, as they will have the proper weights for the marquee you want. Most of the guesswork is taken out of the equation because you just choose the marquee size and accessories you need, while they supply the rest.

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