The Best Way to Tackle Rising Damp

Is rising damp becoming a problem in your home or business environment? If so, there are a few things you can do to reverse the effects, such as air pollution, mould growth, mildew and peeling wallpaper. Rising damp problems can occur for a number of reasons, from poor ventilation to poor airflow. The best way to prevent issues from arising again in the future is to minimise airborne contaminants and humidity with certain techniques and ventilation systems. Damp proofing is another effective way of reversing the effects of damp, but before you choose a method, know what method works best.

Air Filtration Systems

You might have heard about the benefits of getting air filtration systems fitted inside a property to put an end to rising damp. These systems are perhaps the most traditional option and they work by absorbing contaminants directly from the air – contaminants that could cause sneezing, wheezing, coughing and other health problems. There are numerous benefits associated with getting air filtration systems installed by a professional. For example, not only do they remove dust mites but also, they minimise VOC’s and chemicals, protect equipment and eliminate microbes, which is one of the main causes of respiratory illnesses.

Duct Cleaning

Don’t forget to get your ducts cleaned the next time you hire someone to fit a rising damp device. Diffusers, grills, ducts – an air filtration system is made up of many components and unless you take the time to get these components cleaned every so often, pollutants will be released back into the air. Even if you don’t hire someone to clean the ducts, at least get them inspected so that you need not worry about dust build-up and new contaminants making their way into the system.

UV Light Systems

A modern solution to rising damp problems is a UV light system. These systems use ultraviolet light to stop spores and bacteria from affecting air quality. Also known as a germicidal UV system, these appliances will last for years with minimal maintenance, but frequent inspections are recommended. In just 45 minutes, the amount of airborne pollutants will decrease significantly, Ao switch the appliance on for a short amount of time each day and you will soon be able to breathe in fresh, clean air. The cost of getting UV light systems installed will depend on the size of the property so first, request an in-house estimate. By doing so, you can avoid unexpected fees when the job is done.

Rising damp problems can be managed with simple techniques by the Damp Controllers team. Call 0431 55 04 06 to learn more.

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