Timber Windows Joinery In Melbourne: Considerations

When most people think of timber windows joinery in Melbourne, they think of brass or steel fittings, such as hinges and screws. However, you can have an all-wood joining system that doesn’t use metal fasteners at all. The connections rely solely on the wooden pieces interlocking with each other. This type of join is the most preferred and sturdiest, but it also requires precision. Therefore, many companies don’t offer it, and you must make sure that the company you choose offers such joining methods if that is what you prefer. Many period-style homeowners do want timber joinery because that is how the pieces would have been fitted in that period style; the builders probably didn’t have access to metal fasteners, and it would have been considered taboo to utilise them.

Timber windows joinery in Melbourne isn’t necessarily complicated, but it does require skill and precision. You need the right tools to do the job, and most modern-day manufacturers don’t have the time or ability to do it. In a sense, it is a handcrafted piece, even though machines can be calibrated to create the pieces. It still requires a lot of practice and skill, which is why you may find it challenging to find a supplier. However, it isn’t impossible, so it’s essential to look for one if you desire this style.

Skilled + Reliable offers a variety of options for timber windows joinery in Melbourne. It is equipped with the tools necessary to provide non-metal joining options but also has modern metal fasteners, as well. Therefore, you can choose the option and features that work best for your windows. Plus, you can have something that looks period-specific for your Edwardian or Victorian style home, or you can find something modern to fit your current décor. Regardless, you’ve got a team of professionals who can help you.

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