What to Look For in a Commercial Bar Stool

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Business

When it comes to opening up your own restaurant, naturally you want to make everything look perfect – from the tables to the chairs and everything in between. Shopping around for the best commercial bar stools can be difficult, to say the least. Your initial search can yield thousands of attractive results, ranging in price, colour, texture and material. So, how do you select the best one for your new business? For the best purchase, focus on quality, look and location.


The best bar stools for your new restaurant are going to be those that are made out of quality materials – those that uphold to commercial standards. Finding a stool that is made for commercial use is critical; as others simply won’t withstand the test of time. As you search for barstools online and begin to look at a few in store, make sure you observe the quality of the materials that have been used in the construction of the stool. Is the stool sturdy and firm or is it whimsy and wiggles when you sit on it? Naturally, you want to select stools that are made from materials that are going to be durable and reliable with extended use over time.


Look is an important thing to consider, as you will want to ensure that your stool selection fits in with the theme of your new restaurant or bar. Naturally, you don’t want to have shiny, metal stools in an older, more rustic looking bar. It is great to change things up and explore different options, but ultimately, you want to find a stool that blends into your restaurant’s environment and makes it as comfortable and natural as possible. As you begin your search, talk to different designers and play around with different textures, patterns and colours to find the best fit for your needs.


Another important thing to consider when selecting the best commercial bar stool is the location in which the bar stools are going to be placed within your restaurant. Are the stools intended for outdoor use? Perhaps, they are better suited for the inside of your restaurant? Believe it or not, there is a tremendous difference between stools intended for indoor use versus those that can be kept outside. Typically, stools made for outdoor use are made from materials that are designed to withstand the elements – wind, rain, etc. Those intended for indoor use may not be as well suited to withstand different weather conditions, so determining which most closely fits your needs and purchasing accordingly is critical.

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