Essential Oils – The Secret Ingredient for Superb Skincare

When it comes to natural beauty products, essential oils are truly an ‘essential’ ingredient. These oils are distilled from plants to create a concentrated product brimming with beneficial properties. Understanding the various healing and nourishing properties of essential oils is very important for anyone who wants to create their own skincare.

Basil essential oil can enhance the appearance of hair and skin, while almond and argan oil are also great moisturisers. Cedarwood oil, in addition to being an effective moisturiser, also acts as a natural insect repellent. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredient, making it an excellent choice for the treatment of acne and blemishes. This oil also helps to control oily skin by naturally regulating sebum production. Before using essential oils, consult us about correct use because some oils may require a carrier oil for safe application.

Essential oils are a very important ingredient and their effectiveness depends on their quality. Selecting a supplier such as N Essentials ensures that you are using high-quality oils that are safe and sourced from a credible manufacturer. Every essential oil in our product range is displayed on our website, along with a full description and instructions. With more than 60 essential oils available and numerous recipes to help you create your personalised skincare, our website offers endless inspiration for creating customised cosmetics.

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