PhiBrows Microblading In Sydney: Revolutionary Eyebrows

PhiBrows microblading in Sydney is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that helps draw and shape the eyebrows. Treatment is performed by creating micro-cuts into the skin and inserting the pigment/ink. The look is natural, and technicians can retouch and customise the look as needed. You can find a variety of techniques and styles on the market, making it hard to choose the right one for your needs. While they all have benefits and features, Phibrows microblading in Sydney is unique. It focuses on providing shape symmetry, calculating the golden ratio, and using appropriate products and tools.

Crystal Vongphrachanh has perfected her skills throughout the years but found PhiBrows in 2015. She hosted a training with Diana Hvas and Vesna Jugovic, while also completing the course. From there, she upped her career and advanced to the Royal Artist title just a year later. It’s important to understand that PhiBrows microblading in Sydney is a manual technique, so it’s essential to practice. Because of that, Crystal Vongphrachanhstal offers a six-month certificate course with a two-day workshop. Many students complete the course in three to four months. However, it’s not about how quickly you go through the sections. It’s about learning, mastering the technique, and applying that new knowledge at a salon.

PhiBrows microblading in Sydney is different than other techniques, though there are similarities. The revolutionary tools use multiple tiny needles to inject the ink into the skin. However, PhiBrows chose to create its own blades, as well as pigments. These blades are sharper and offer more precision. You can create various sized incisions and use easy strokes, which makes the final result look like individual hair follicles that appear more natural. With PhiBrows’ unique pigment blend, blond pigments last just as long as darker pigments. That way, your blond customers don’t have to come back as often for touchups.

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