Great kitchen renovation ideas

Modern kitchen designs take simplicity and function and roll them into one; the ideas include replacing or updating kitchen cabinets, counters, floors and appliances. A tastefully remodelled kitchen can add considerably to the value of the home, modern kitchens along with bathrooms are the two things most home buyers look for. When you are designing the kitchen it is extremely important to differentiate between what can be done as a DIY project and what must be done by a team of professional designers and installers.

One of the primary considerations when choosing appliances, counter and cabinet design as well as flooring is work flow. Work flow definitely takes into account simplicity and function, one time honoured concept is the number of steps between major appliances. A kitchen designer will work toward developing a kitchen layout that keeps the walking distance between the stove, refrigerator and sink to a minimum. This concept is one of the reasons why centre islands are so very popular.

If space allows, installing and island is one of the best ideas. Islands are ideal as they give the cook additional space for preparing food. The great thing about a kitchen island is that they are free standing, they are not installed up against a wall such as is the case with traditional counters. This feature lets the cook access the space from any angle, the traditional location for a kitchen island is directly across from the sink and within a few short steps to the major kitchen appliances, this approach makes for a well functioning and yet simple layout. With the kitchen the main meeting place for the family, a kitchen island, when coupled with a few bar stools becomes the ideal gathering place for after school snacks, light lunches and a comfortable spot to simply sit and chat.

When your desire is simplicity and functionality all rolled into one, modern kitchen designs are complimented by appliances from the same manufacturer. Many appliance outlets as well as companies that design and build kitchens can usually offer savings if the major appliances; refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, etc are all made by the same company and purchased from the same source. This is a typical money saving idea that allows the homeowner to make even more changes and improvements.

Installing well thought out cabinets, a new work surface and a new floor can instantly transform a dingy, boring kitchen into one that is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to work in.

Simplicity and functionality when rolled into one is the trend in modern kitchen design. When you rely on Business Name in Melbourne you can be assured of a kitchen that meets the needs of you and your family.

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