How To Spruce Up Your Home Using Skylights

While a coat of paint can do wonders for the home, sometimes it isn’t enough. While it’s an inexpensive way to change things up and spruce them up, skylights may be a better choice. For one thing, they’re still less expensive than a full remodel, and for another, they’ll last a lot longer than the pot of paint, which will have to be redone once a year or so.

Why They’re So Popular

Many people have come to realise that skylights are an excellent benefit to any home. They allow you to have a little piece of nature available to you whenever you look at the ceiling. Plus, they can make your room look bigger and provide you with natural sunlight. However, it’s not just about picking a colour and calling a professional. You need to consider the positioning, size, and other factors.


Plastic and glass are the most popular options for the skylight material. While plastic won’t break easily and is less expensive, it can be scratched easily and will become discoloured. Glass won’t fade or scratch easily, though it can be more costly and could break if not treated correctly.


Many times, it’s best to let the professionals at Diamond Skylights help you determine the best position for your new roof window. If you’re hoping for a more cool lighting option, you’ll want them placed on the north. If you want the most sun in the mornings, eastwardly facing skylights are best. However, if you hope for afternoon lighting, westward-facing options will be better.


Sizes can range from very small to extremely large. However, the size you choose shouldn’t be more than five percent of your floor space, especially if there are more windows in that room. However, if there are few or no windows, you can have them sized up to 15 percent the size of your floors.

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