Make a Big Night Even Bigger With Party Hire

What do you have planned in the next few weeks or months? If you don’t consider yourself much of an event organiser but want to give off the impression that you know what you are doing, why not work with a company like Harts Party Hire for a helping hand? A company that specialises in equipment and furniture rentals will not host the bash for you. However, what they will do is cut out the guesswork by providing you with a medley of options as to how you can treat your guests and really surpass their expectations.

Using Tables and Chairs to Encourage Conversation

No party planner wants to see their guests sitting around, not talking to one another and generally looking bored! In fact, this is a sign that you have failed in your quest to organise the bash of the century. There are plenty of ways to bring your guests together and encourage socialisation with party hire services, such as by arranging chairs around a circular table. Alternatively, if the event is corporate-related, position chairs in rows facing a projector screen or stage where presentations will commence.

Transforming an Outdoor Space with a Marquee

If the cost of a brick-and-mortar venue is putting you off paying for party hire services, why not use a marquee? An oversized tent that can be rented in a range of sizes and styles, it can be assembled and dismantled in any location, providing you with the freedom to select a special destination, There are many ways to decorate a marquee, such as by rolling out carpet in front of it for guests to walk along when they make their entry, draping roof swags to the ceiling of the marquee, creating flower centre pieces and of course, tying balloons to the guest’s chairs!

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