Melbourne Lighting Fittings: Types Available

If you’re considering new Melbourne lighting fittings, it is best to determine what options are available before making your decision. It’s easier to see what will look best in your home when you know what’s available. Products can include surface mounted or downlight products, pendant lights, CTC flush ceiling mount lights, and traditional decorative options. Downlights are those that are mounted on the ceiling (though they can be installed on other high areas) and typically shine downward. Sometimes, they are called spotlights and can be pointed in the direction you want them to go.

Melbourne lighting fittings also include pendant lights, which can also be called chandeliers. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as rings, globes, and others. CTC flush ceiling mount lights are similar to pendant styles, but the base of the light product is on the ceiling, and the baubles and bulbs hang downward. It creates a beautiful and elegant effect for any area of the home and looks great in dining rooms and living rooms. Wall lights are another option; they can look like candlesticks, pillars, and much more. They work well for hallways and anywhere you need a little extra light. Of course, you can also find exterior wall lighting, as well. Plus, you can always consider floor lamps and table lamps to shine light anywhere you need it.

Shani Designs has the latest products for lighting and décor, and all the products are made by Australian designers. Melbourne lighting fittings can help you change the look and style of your home or can complement a current style. Whether you want pendant lights or desire flush ceiling mount lighting, it’s best to choose a professional who knows the difference between the different styles and can help you select the right ones for your budget, home, and preferences.

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