Pay Per Click Management – Taking Care Of A Passive Money Maker

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Computer Services

The smartest of entrepreneurs in today’s day and age are taking advantage of the passive income opportunities on offer. Passive income allows for an extra level of freedom, because with the right form of pay per click (PPC) management, you can sit back and watch as the results roll in. From creating optimised adverts to using content to attract an audience, the opportunities are endless thanks to the billions of people out there logging online every single day. PPC always has been and remains one of the most popular forms of online marketing. It is as relevant today as it was when it first started being implemented into marketing campaigns just over a decade ago. Despite the fact that passive income usually requires some kind of initial investment, taking care of things will be easy with the following steps.

Efficient Campaign Management

The key to managing a campaign efficiently all begins with split testing ad variations. Just because one ad doesn’t seem to be doing much for your pay per click management campaign, this is not to say that another ad won’t be. Focus on statistical relevancy and when you notice enough impressions on each ad, keep using them to drive conversions through the roof.

Keyword Bidding

You could guess what people are typing into the search engines to get targeted traffic, or you could avoid the risk of wasting time and bid for keywords instead. The Google AdWords tool remains one of the most effective keyword bidding tools out there and will help immensely with your pay per click management methods. Search terms can be examined and you can view the finer details of each keyword search, such as whether the match type is broad or exact. The destination URL, geographics, conversions, time, labels, reach and frequency can be filtered out when you bid for keywords in this way, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the best keywords included in your site’s content.

Negative Keyword Research

It isn’t just the good keywords you should be keeping a close eye on when dealing with a pay per click management campaign. Understanding what keywords don’t work will make it possible for you to avoid using those words and terms, which could potentially hurt your website rankings if you were to do so. Something that will come in handy for this is the Google Search auto complete feature. Spend some time using this tool a few times per week so that you don’t waste time using keywords that are doing absolutely nothing for traffic.

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