Staying Safe In Your Home During A Power Outage With A Qualified Electrician

Electricians everywhere want to help you and your family stay safe when it comes to electricity. Many things can go wrong, such as cut or burnt wires, things that don’t work right, flickering lights and more. However, during a power outage, you may not realise the danger you could be in if you don’t do things properly. The electrician can help you ensure that everything is in working order so that you and your family stay safe in the home. During a power outage, there are certain things you should do to ensure safety.

Powering Down

It is always best to unplug all electrical appliances during a power outage. When the power comes back on, it could overload the system and cause another outage, but it can also surge electricity through your home, causing fires and other damage. That includes everything you don’t normally think about, such as the refrigerator, washer/dryer units, and more. If the power will be out for an extended period, you may need to call the utility companies and have the gas and electricity shut off until power is restored.

You can always choose to leave one light on in the kitchen/living room. This will help you tell when power is back on since everything should be unplugged. After waiting a few minutes, you can start to plug back in your appliances and use them as normal.

Use Of Electronic Equipment

Many times, electrical and electronic equipment can run on batteries, at least for a short period. The best practice is not to use them when it is wet. If you happen to notice water-damaged electronics and equipment, you should not use them until they are restored. Doing so could cause electrical shock.


If you live in a home where electricity is a must for various medical reasons, you may consider a petrol-powered generator or a permanent generator. Petrol-powered options can be set up manually and will not require the use of a qualified electrician. However, a permanent generator must be wired to the house. You may think it is easy enough to install a permanent generator, but if you don’t use a transfer switch, the electricity could feed back into the lines overhead, which can cause severe injury and death for linemen.

Staying safe in your home with a qualified electrician can be simple if you call them any time you have electrical problems. Visit Azap Electrical today to learn more about them and the services they provide.

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