Reasons To Upgrade Your Windows And Doors To uPVC!

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Home Improvement Services

Many homeowners are tired of always changing the thermostat to compensate for chilly and warm weather. They’re equally as tired of higher electricity bills, drafts in the home and other similar problems, which is why it may be best to invest some money into upgrades for your doors and windows. It will not only add value to the home but will add comfort to your life.

How To Accomplish It

UPVC is made from polyvinyl chloride, though aluminium can be added for rigidity and strength for the final project. The materials are coloured during its manufacturing phase, so it won’t require paint. Likewise, it doesn’t mould or rot and won’t shrink or warp. You can find uPVC windows and doors from Weatherall Windows, which can lead to an upgrade that will help you save money and keep you comfortable all year long.

Benefits Of UPVC

Each uPVC window and door has its own frame, which is also made from the same material. Therefore, the door or window will fit perfectly with no gaps for air to come through or bugs to creep in. The air inside your home remains inside, and the outside air remains outdoors.

For most homes, this material is inexpensive, so it costs less to purchase and install. Likewise, they are designed to be maintenance-free, so it doesn’t require a lot of sanding and expensive cleaners. While you’ll want to clean the windows periodically for a clean and healthy home, it’s much easier to do so and doesn’t require a lot of extra tools and cleaning solutions.


You’ll find a variety of styles and options when it comes to uPVC windows and doors. Likewise, you can find many colourways, making it perfect for those who love matching décor options.

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