Renovating A Small Bathroom

It is easy to dream of a bathroom that is bigger than a small house, but the truth is, you have to work with what space you have. Fortunately, small bathroom renovations in Sydney can be just as exciting and rewarding, and the results can be just as beautiful as a much larger bathroom.

The key to any renovation project is planning. You might not think that space allows for changes, but, do not confuse floor planning with comprehensive renovations. It is hard to relocate or reposition the fixtures in a small bathroom; the location is a given. When you install a new vanity, for example, you might be able to make it a little larger or smaller, but the rest of the fixtures must stay where they are.

Small bathroom renovations in Sydney do need to be planned. Most pre-manufactured cabinets come in standard sizes. These are fixed, and you have to work around them or order bespoke cabinets. Even though the room is small, you will want a coordinated look; floor tile, wall tile, and paint all need to be in harmony. Bathroom renovation companies that have been doing this work for years know that all elements must be considered as one, not in sequence and certainly not piece-meal.

There are many similarities to renovating bathrooms, regardless of their size. Oxford Bathrooms, after many years of success, know that the best results start with a plan. The initial assessment is done at your home by an experienced designer with experience in a trade. Knowing what it takes right from the ground up means, you get expert guidance and advice before you have to invest any money. Once the design has been settled, an experienced team of workers moves in, all of whom do their part under the watchful eye of a renovation manger. Large bathroom or small bathroom renovations in Sydney will turn out better than you could ever have dreamed when you have chosen Oxford Bathrooms to do the work.

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