Traditional Kitchens, Indeed a Classic Style

The vast majority of homes in Europe that were built or lived in during the 18th, 19th and 20th century were designed with a traditional kitchen theme. This timelessly classic look never went out of style and although contemporary touches are being introduced inside many cooking spaces nowadays, nothing beats a good old time-honoured kitchen. If you are struggling to get style inspiration (just as a writer may deal with writer’s block from time-to-time), it is worth looking into personalities of the past and incorporating this into the finished design. From the elegant townhouse kitchen to an authentic country kitchen, the following practical ideas for traditional kitchens can be turned into reality by a team of trusted professionals.

Hardwood Flooring

If you are not yet aware of the environmental benefits of wooden flooring, now is the time to learn. A lot of traditional kitchens are fitted with hardwood flooring, because it is one of the most environmentally friendly and renewable materials out there. A carbon neutral product, wood can be produced with minimal energy and water. Furthermore, if you opt for hardwood flooring in your kitchen, it could last for hundreds of years! There is something special about having hardwood flooring fitted too, due to the fact that this type of wood takes up to 60 years to mature.

White Marble Elements

For that elegant touch, design traditional kitchens with white marble features. Its unique design pattern isn’t the only appeal. White marble can be sculpted into various shapes, so you will have the freedom to get this calcium-rich stone manufactured in the way that you desire. Professional polishing will keep white marble countertops looking pristine or if you want to clean the natural material yourself, wipe spills immediately and always use natural detergents, because chemicals can ruin the appearance of marble. If white isn’t really your thing it is possible to get grey marble elements, so make sure you inquire about this if it is of interest to you.

Stone Slab Backsplashes

Every kitchen should have a backsplash because without one, the wall behind the cooker may become coated in grime, oil and grease. Modern kitchens tend to have ceramic tile backsplashes, whereas stone slab backsplashes are more common in traditional kitchens. This type of stone will give the cooking space a custom design and it can even be glazed and applied with a finish, which will create an eye-catching visual effect.

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