Agriculture Loans – Valuable Information For Farmers Requiring Funding

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Financial Services

Owning a farm is tough work, but it is also commendable. Whether you’re just starting out or the farm has been in your family for years, you may still need money to upgrade equipment, get more cattle and help with everyday needs. Therefore, it can be disconcerting when you realise you need to consider agriculture loans since they can be difficult to get and time-consuming. However, some helpful tips can make the process much easier and get you the money you need quickly.

Choosing a Lender

Almost any lender will be willing to provide you with a loan, especially if you have excellent credit, make all your payments on other debt on time and have little to no outstanding debt. However, for those who aren’t such perfect people (which is almost everyone), finding a lender isn’t as easy.

You want someone who understands the benefits of agriculture and farming. They should have experience dealing with farmers just like you and understand the situations you face, which are different than in any other industry.

They should be willing and able to provide advice on the expected and unexpected costs of your plans and get you the money you need quickly.

How To Use The Money

In most cases, agriculture loans are slightly different than other loan options. With traditional loans, you can spend the money any way you see fit. With a farming loan, you must use the money in some way to benefit the farm, not yourself. If you need a personal loan for personal bills or expenses, you can take out a regular loan. If you want to upgrade the farm in some way, you can usually get an agriculture loan.

Options for the loan can include financing for used or new farm equipment/machinery, purchasing fertiliser, feed, crop protection supplies or seed, purchase a new property to use for the farm or money to build new buildings, such as barns or sheds.

The money can also be used to cover creditor, VAT or TAX costs, especially as the final deadlines loom close. You can also choose to use these shorter term loans while you’re arranging for a long-term option.

Machinery can include tillers, tractors, harrows, cultivators, broadcast seeders, chicken sheds and loading equipment, among others. It can also be used to buy more animals or feed for the current animals on the farm.

Helpful information about agriculture loans ensures that you understand what they are used for and how to get them. Visit UCapital now to learn more.

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