Custom Picture Frames: How They’re Different

If you’re like many Australians, you probably don’t care about the frame in which your photos sit. It doesn’t matter to you whether it’s a store-bought or handcrafted item because you think they’re both the same. While they can look similar, custom picture frames are the best option for many reasons. The first is quality. When you choose something that’s customised, the framer looks at the photo or drawing, what paper it’s printed on, and how it was coloured (such as paint, photographs, or pencil). They can help you choose the right frame to meet your needs so that the item is preserved and looks good for decades to come.

Custom picture frames should also focus on the glass that covers the photo. Many store-bought or mass-produced frames tend to use a low-quality glass, which can cause many issues. For one, it may not keep out the sun’s rays, which can turn the paper yellow or cause fading. For another, it may easily break if it’s knocked off or if your walls or thin. Just imagine a teenager banging on the wall to have the frame come falling down. It would scare the household, but it could also damage the frame and the photo.

At Amarisco Framing & Mounting, they understand that it’s usually easier to go to a department or thrift store and find a cheap frame, but they also know that these options rarely work for long or may cause damage of which you’re unaware. Custom picture frames are easily the better choice because they are designed with your specifications in mind. You can choose the wood or frame material used, the glass option that best fits your needs, and can experience quick turnaround times. Plus, you can talk to a professional to get advice if necessary.

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