Why Floor Bunding Is Essential

Many industries use a variety of liquids and chemicals, which means there is a high risk of spillage. Floor bunding creates a containment area or barrier so that machines, equipment, tanks, and drums can be stored safely.

They are considered semi-permanent, which means you can lay it down in hours and can self-install it safely and correctly. Plus, you can move it as necessary to ensure that you can take it with you if you move facilities or rearrange machinery. It’s also easier to maintain and lower in cost than cement varieties which are permanent.

Floor bunding is available in a variety of options to suit various traffic densities and areas and offers many benefits. For example, you may be required to keep flammables in a secure, locked area, but leaks can still occur. You’ll be able to contain them and soak up the mess much faster when you use such material. It can also be used as a stopper if a substance leaks out into the environment. The bund can keep those materials from spilling into waterways and seeping into the ground. You can neutralise the area much faster and allows you to reuse the spilled substance, saving money and reducing waste.

At EcoSpill, they offer such products to help you isolate chemicals and oils for storage. Their products are low enough to allow heavy machinery or dollies to roll over it without reducing its ability to stop leaks. It is made of UV stable urethane and is designed for high-traffic areas. You can drive forklifts and other vehicles over it, without the risk that it will lift, crack or split. They also have a variety of sizes, colours, and pieces to fit your needs. Floor bunding is an excellent way to keep spills contained and prevent huge messes.

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