The Need for Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. It is resistant to fire, heat, electricity, and most chemical reactions. Asbestos can be shredded into the consistency of fine down, which is microscopic in nature. Asbestos is a very good insulator. The material adds strength to such materials as cloth, paper, and cement. Before it was realised that the inhalation of asbestos could cause fibrotic lung disease and changes to the chest cavity lining, it was commonly used by the construction industry. Although asbestos does have some uses, it is toxic. More and more employers of people who may be exposed to this material are giving their employees asbestos awareness training.

Once the dangers associated with asbestos usage were identified, authorities made it illegal to use, import, manufacture, install or reuse the material. Although there are severe restrictions placed on asbestos, there is still a great deal of it in buildings constructed before implementing the ban. Asbestos-related diseases develop over a long period. Asbestos will not dissolve, and it is difficult to expel the material from the body. Over years of exposure, inhaled asbestos fibres were seen as the cause of inflammation and scarring of the lungs. Asbestos awareness training courses introduce the dangers of working with the material.

SESA, Safety & Environmental Services Australia, offers courses on work sites and in client’s premises on asbestos and other environmental hazards. When materials containing asbestos, or suspected to contain asbestos, are found in the workplace, this team springs into action and ensures that your workplace is safe for your staff. They also offer courses to teach your team about potential sources of asbestos in the workplace, health risks from asbestos exposure, identification information, and dealing with accidental asbestos exposure to name a few. The best courses in asbestos awareness training are continuously updated and delivered by these licensed asbestos assessors at your convenience.

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