Restore An Old Deck And Make It Look New Again

Many people start to notice that their deck looks rough or grey and don’t know what to do or how to restore it to new again. While you may need to replace it if it is extremely old or damaged, many times, you can have it cleaned and re-oiled to make it look like new. In many cases, this is less expensive and just as effective as a replacement.

Pressure Washing

It isn’t a good idea to rent or buy a pressure washer to clean the deck. While it can work, it isn’t the best solution unless you’re experienced with restorative processes. You will be blasting away a layer of wood from your deck and most professionals, even those at Deck Seal Revival, will not use a standard pressure washer for cleaning purposes.


Some people believe that their deck will look more modern and new if they bleach it. A white wood deck can be an excellent centrepiece to the backyard, but it’s imperative that you do it correctly. Standard house bleach isn’t the best way because it does more damage and can destroy the wood fibres. Likewise, it is dangerous to the environment, including animals and pets. Professionals will use an oxygen bleach that’s safe for the entire family, as well as the wood. If you choose to bleach your deck, you’ll still want to use a professional who understands how to use oxygen bleach.


You may not want to necessarily change the look of your deck, but just want it to look brand new like when you installed it. In this case, you’ll want a treatment plan that includes cleaning for the deck and timber, as well as a water-based deck oil. With this, you’ll have a long-lasting, durable finish that enhances the grain characteristics without blistering or peeling.

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