How Garden Fire Pits Can Be Great All Year Round

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Art Supply Store

Garden fire pits are an excellent way to extend your outdoor time. They can add style and character to the backyard, especially when entertaining family members and others. A pit like this can help you create a light feature in summer and spring, and can also add a touch of warmth for winter and autumn months.

Your Options

You can find both gas and wood-burning garden fire pits, both of which can add a touch of beauty to the space. Wood-burning options will allow you to control how hot and high the flames get, and can also add a touch of smoky smelling boldness to the evening. Likewise, gas-burning versions will allow you to set up the flame and start entertaining faster. They won’t produce a smell, which may be more suitable for those who have allergies to outdoor allergens.


Entanglements provides a wide variety of styles and features available, all of which can add a touch of sophistication or uniqueness to your outdoor garden or patio. You’ll find circular versions that look like balls, in various colours, as well as traditional ring bowls and bases. You can find traditional bowls without a base, as well, allowing you to create low features that will draw the eye.


In most cases, you can find garden fire pits that are relatively small and easy to transport. Just make sure that you follow all safety precautions, especially when travelling with gas. However, you won’t require lighter fluid or matches, and won’t be at the mercy of nature to find flammable wood. This means you can take the fire pit with you no matter where you go. However, you may also keep it as a permanent fixture in your garden to add beauty and light to any evening.

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